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Professional Services

Meroton offers professional services helping you set up and maintain your build systems. Contact for any inquiries.

Analysis of Build System, Migrations and Configuration

Slow build systems are a nightmare for developers to work with. We will help you analyze your current build system, find bottle necks, and recommend actions to improve your build times as well as offer training on how to perform migrations and configurations of your build system and CI/CD flow.

Have you decided to go for Bazel? We can help you with the porting effort with our years of experience.

Cloud Based Remote Execution and Caching Environment

Managing your own physical hardware and scaling it up when demand rises is a tedious task. By leveraging the power of the cloud you can have a scaleable system no matter how large your workload is. Meroton offers Buildbarn in a fully hosted cloud environment where you can focus on writing your code while we handle the system.

The environment is pay as you use so it allows you to have the advantages of a very large build cluster without having to invest in a large data center.

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Self-Hosted Remote Execution and Caching Environment

If your business case requires you to manage your own server cluster, a self-hosted environment will still allow you to have the advantages of a remote execution environment. Meroton will help you set up Buildbarn and offer software maintenance keeping the system running smoothly.

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Patching Bazel and Buildbarn

When you business needs require specific private modifications of Bazel or Buildbarn, maintenance will always be a burden.

Keeping forks up to date with fast moving open source projects requires continous maintenance. It's important to make sure your fork does not fall behind as well as being proactive when the open source project start heading towards a direction which is incompatible with your fork. We have experience in developing patches for these tools and can help to implement any custom modifications as well as perform the necessary maintenance.

Contact for any inquiries.